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2009 PS Sunset Ridge Vineyard – soon to be released
2010 PS La Presa Vineyard - Bottled in Spring 2013

Altman Chardonnay is 100% Estate grown from La Presa Vineyard, barrel fermented and aged in French Oak.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT WITH CHARDONNAY: A medium to full-bodied, lemon to golden-colored wine with mild aromatics that vary depending on climate and oak treatment. There are mainly two distinct styles. The first is steel-fermented and aged, which yields a fruitier, crisper, more acidic version with green fruit, citrus and occasionally mineral notes, generally crafted in a colder region. The second, from warmer regions, is barrel-fermented and potentially oak-aged, tends to deliver more ripe green or tropical fruit flavors with less acidity and hints of vanilla, bread or butter. The riper the grape the bigger the flavor.

Petite Sirah

2010 PS La Presa Vineyard - Bottled in Spring 2013

Our first two vintages of Altman Petite Sirah were sourced from Sunset Ridge Vineyards in Paso Robles as we were on the waiting list for La Presa Vineyards Petite Sirah.

WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT WITH PETITE SIRAH: A dark purple, full-bodied wine with big tannins, earth, smokiness, and black fruit (blackberry, blueberry) flavors. There's nothing petite about these wines. They are as robust as it gets. Because of the high tannins, these wines are inhanced when decanted and allowed to breathe before drinking. 2008 PS Sunset Ridge Vineyard – a very big wine, rich dark purple in color, seductively complex and full bodied with firm tannins. Wonderful black cherry-plum, coffee, dark chocolate, sweet spice and vanilla flavors. Blackberry, mocha and hints of cinnamon with a long velvety finish. Ready to accompany a juicy rib eye or stash in the cellar for a few years if you can resist. 2009 PS Sunset Ridge Vineyard – soon to be released.  


WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT WITH ROSE: The darker the color the riper the flavors. At their basic level, they all share notes of bright red fruit, usually strawberry, but depending on the grape and technique used, deeper more complex flavors of spice and earth can also be found.

Red Blend

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